Waterproof Art Panels.
A new concept of art applied to interior design most clearly defines the WATERPROOF ART PANEL. Unlike most works of art that typically can only be displayed in rooms with optimal environments,the WATERPROOF ART PANEL for the first time has the versatility of being exhibited and appreciated in any location, even those subject to water and extreme conditions of weather and temperature. These artworks designed by ALEX TURCO are made of aluminum coupled with polyethylene. The graphic images are laser printed and hand processed with acrylic colors and metal pigments followed by a protective finish with resin layering and waterproof dripping techniques. These stunning art works are easily installed and can be applied onto any surface with a choice of universal bonding techniques. The WATERPROOF ART PANEL was specifically created with large-scale architectural projects in mind for the most exacting clients requests. Available in two finishes: flat or materic.