Rampoldi Creations Opera collection

Opera Collection opens up new creative horizons to develop new projects linked to luxury furniture that makes it exclusive. Opera Collection offers a classical furniture concept as interpretation of an ordinary habitat to be personalized with style. A unique lifestyle made exclusive thanks to its handmade products coming from the antique art of high level joinery. The mission of Opera collection is to design and make complete furniture solutions with different kinds of custom made boiseries , false ceilings, interior doors, wood floors, carved columns with wood steps and hand rails. A logical evolution for a new relevant experience of a company that is able to differentiate itself thanks to an unlimited creative reserve, a new step from Rampoldi Creations Research center. Opera Collection proposes projects that range over living boiserie, interior doors, false ceilings, sleeping area with walk in closets enhanced by the extreme elegance of sofas and armchairs matched with refined complements. Customized solutions emphasized by particular finishing, thanks to which Rampoldi Creations is considered one of the most successful company of classical furniture in Italy.