THG “Yoko” atmosphere

“Bambou” line, Lalique crystal collection.
Yoko, a shape inspired by the traditional Japanese bath. Tranquil and comfortable, Yoko has been created to bring you the best in well-being and relaxation. All THG products, from the bath-tub to the smallest accessory, are carried out in CERALITE® (composite/proceeded material patented by Watergame Company) and can be delivered in the same colour or decoration preserving the harmony and elegance of the bathroom. The very complete range enables you to choose a coordinated design for each element of the bathroom. A special attention is given to the completion of our articles “handmade”. We develop our own models and massage systems in our workshops with the permanent concern of blending aestheticism and functionality. On request we create exclusive models. Traditional or contemporary, simple or sophisticated style, we will answer all your expectations. All decorative friezes, decoration finishes, and color bands are standard and are featured in THG color chart. Company decoration techniques incorporate mosaic, marble and granite matching to any color or design. Additionally company can personalize any decoration from a custom drawing, a piece of fabric, a sample of timber or a piece of ceramic, and so one. Decoration can be two or three tone, matt and/or gloss, in fact any combination between material and finish is possible. Translucent finish can be achieved which allows light to glow through the bath tub.