Avenanti La Vie en Rose Collection

This amazing story takes us back to a remote past: Italy had only just been unified, everyone still spoke dialect and wrote in Latin, and artisans crafted an infinite range of products. Each one was a unique creation, and each workshop was a training ground for honing techniques and teaching new apprentices. It was in one of these workshops that our company’s amazing story began, along with the story of our family, so closely bound to it.
Francesco Avenanti, a master carpenter, started out making furniture; we don’t know whether he learned this art from his father or from some other master, we only know that this was back in 1870. The workshop was lit with just a dim candle, and they mostly had to rely on daylight to see what they were doing.
The shop produced furniture for everyday use, but also a few beautiful objects that went to furnish the houses of the local gentry, clerics, and sometimes even churches. The techniques being used were already sophisticated, and the attention to detail showed excellent training. It was Francesco’s son Pompeo, an amiable, creative man, who carried on his father’s trade with the same techniques and exceptional skill. The same was true of his sons, Pompeo, Emilio and Francesco. Electricity arrived in the workshop while Francesco was teaching the trade to his own two boys: my father Eolo and my uncle Giacomo.