Rampoldi Creations The Domus Aurea collection

Rampoldi Creations is craftsmanship, tradition, culture of furniture of art, innovation and creativity; our company is based on these values that we put at our customers’ disposal in order to create customized interiors according to the desires of those who choose us. The Domus Aurea collection comes from the Italian creativity, where craftsmanship experience, historic research and technological innovation meet excellence. The use of natural materials often hand worked and the entirely internal production are able to generate the exclusivity of unique interiors, where a timeless quality finds its expression. For several years we are using the same philosophy that we find in the Domus Aurea collection, a philosophy whose leitmotivs are the ability to create dreams interiors, the capacity to mould wood and a unique art of decoration. For more than fifty years.
Composition includes Single bed with footboard and frame made of solid hand carved lime wood, upholstering with capitonné details, bedcover and decorative cushions made with valuable fabrics. White lacquered finishing with special patina.Decorative wall crown made of hand carved solid wood, with decorative side curtains. White lacquered finishing with special patina.