Modenese Gaston Sitting Room Composition

Modenese Gastone works handcrafted furniture for home, living spaces and contract sector. The elegant luxury furniture and design furniture by Modenese Gastone represent the story of a family which appears in the records of the carpenters' corporation since 1818.
Bedrooms, living rooms, offices, dining rooms, furniture for hotels and embassies. Modenese Gastone is particularly expert in the treatment of upholstered furniture and wood processing, using leather and elegant furnishings.
Each piece of furniture is an exclusive piece, made by an artisan a workshop, where the intense perfume of wood mixes with the intense smell of paints. Expert hands full of ancient knowledge work, for functionality and elegance, to give life into absolutely unique works, to enrich even the most demanding customer's house.
Luxury Classic lines combined with a modern and innovative style. You can distinguish them by the careful planning, great attention from the thoughtful choice of materials and finishes of every single detail. Modenese Gastone continues to develop innovation, but chooses to preserve the traditions and values of their own history. Art, history, culture: the ingredients of Italian craftsmanship, the ingredients of Modenese Gastone.