Savio Firmino

Savio Firmino was established in Florence in 1941 by Mr Firmino Savio, from which the Company’s name takes origin. The Company is now operating for 70 years. Savio Firmino maintained over 30 years the original location set in Oltrarno close the historical quarter of Santo Spirito. Oltrarno is the site where since Renaissance and for many centuries the most skilful of Florentine craftsmen and decorators used to live and work in their “bottega”. Owing to an increasing demand of the market and an increasing need of room, the Company recently moved to an industrial area of the town, the leading one in the field of high quality design and fashion. Savio Firmino retains maximum care of its artisan tradition and quality. This is perfectly evident in any of our goods, created and finished by a team of skilful craftsmen, led and inspired by the exquisite taste and talent characterising Savio Family. Designers, architects and master craftsmen, inspired and coordinated by Designer in Chief Mr Guido Savio, cooperate in creating any of SAVIO FIRMINO models.