Giorgetti Composition IVI

Composition includes IVI round table: round table in walnut canaletto wood or ebony macassar with mechanical/electronic glass lazy Susan inserted into the top. It is only available with a mechanical/electronic movement or also with retro-illumination of the glass with a LED-RGB lamp. The first version has a top in white or glac石tratified glass, while the second has an extra-clear etched glass with the external crown and the central plate cover painted white and a LED-RGB lamp. A motor in the column makes the lazy Susan move and, by using the push button (two for every quarter of a circle of the top), it can be turned clockwise or counter clockwise, as well as managing the RGB colours of the LEDs. It comes equipped with a Master Remote Control which allows the various functions of the lazy Susan to be personalised before use. The speed in the start and stop stages and the colour at the start stage are gradual. The base has a metal painted foot rest ring with stainless steel inserts. INO cabinet: Single or two door bar cabinet in walnut canaletto wood. In the cylindrical version the structure of the door is in curved metal. The interior is available in two versions: white painted Fiddleback Sycamore or gold leaf decoration. The bar cabinet is equipped with metal revolving trays painted in a bronze color: these can be regulated in height and have glass tops and LED lights. The base is metal painted in a bronze color. AEI sideboard: Glass cabinet in walnut canaletto wood made up of two vertical elements. The interior is available in two versions: white painted Fiddleback Sycamore or gold leaf decoration. The doors, back and shelves are in tempered glass. These are illuminated by LEDs which are turned on by a remote control supplied with the product. The metal hinges, door knobs and frame are painted in a bronze colour. NORMAL chairs: armchairs with the base frame in polished solid beech wood and the back in compact rigid polyurethane and cold-foamed flexible polyurethane. The methacrylate seat has a non-deformable multi-density polyurethane cushion which is covered with fibre. The foot-caps are in moulded glazed nickel-plated metal. The completely removable upholstery is available in fabric, leather, or in two colours, with the external side in leather and the internal one either in fabric or in leather.