Giorgetti Composition Kendal

Composition includes: KENDAL sofa: Series of sofas with the structure in solid beech wood, multi-layer poplar and super-light plywood. The seat has elastic straps; seat, backrest and arms paddings are in multi-density expanded polyurethane, covered in polyester fibre. The feet are covered in fabric or leather and have satin-finished bronze metal tips. The covering, in non-removable fabric or leather, is characterised by a special stripes quilting on the inside of the back and armrests. The structure of the stool is in solid beech wood and multi-layer poplar. The padding is in multi-density expanded polyurethane, covered in polyester fibre. The feet are covered in fabric or leather, with satin-finished bronze metal tips. The covering is in non-removable fabric or leather. TUBLER low table: series of occasional tables available in different heights and shapes - round and square - with the base structure in metal and glazed bronze finish. The top is in two versions: one in honeycomb aluminium and epoxy resin gloss finish in the black, white, red and mustard colours and the inserts in solid pau ferro; the other in solid and veneered polished and maple wood, inserts in white or glacècolour. The intermediate shelf is in mdf and polished maple veneer. VICTOR coffe table: series of low tables with the top available in the round and square versions and in natural polished (fin. 86) or dark finished (fin. 87) Cerejeira crotch. The top inlays can be in 12 or more segments and they vary according to the dimensions of the Cerejeira crotch. The structure of the top is in multi-layer and Cerejeira crotch. The legs are in solid beech wood covered in saddle leather of various colour shades and are equipped with metallic corner pieces for fixing. The tips are in black PVC. Note: Cerejeira crotch comes from the central region of Brazil (Mato Grosso, Rondonia), from Bolivia and the northern Argentina. The average size of the tree is 20/22 metres with a diameter of the size of a man’s chest, about 80 cm. The frequent irregular growth rate of the trunk, with low branches, enables very effective crotch to be obtained. NEA bookcases: Series of bookcases, which can be positioned one after the other, with height 136 and 185 cm. The frame is in poplar plywood. The solid wood on the profiles and the veneer on the external part are in national walnut with acrylic polishing natural or dark painted . The internal part is white painted Fiddleback Sycamore veneered for both versions. The base is in solid national walnut with bronze metal tips and can be adjusted for levelling. Accessories: showcase in solid national walnut. The top is in solid wood and white painted Fiddleback Sycamore veneered. The acrylic polishing is available in two versions: natural or dark painted. The finish 10 keeps the white painted Fiddleback Sycamore.