Laboratorio Italiano Luxury collection

The beauty of the Luxury kitchen is derived from the elegance of its colours: ivory and gold.Laboratorio Italiano offers a unique lifestyle vision for the kitchen area and living room, both striving towards the utmost elegance; furnishing solutions that move freely from the wainscoting with the fireplace to the false ceiling, from the cooking area held between stately columns to the sophisticated onyx display cases, without ever losing sight of the importance of practicality and function.Luxury kitchen, offers the most advanced and sophisticated in design, a highly qualified production of furnishings for the kitchen, where when you open the doors of the base area, the LED light automatically turns on, the inner shelves are in wood-framed glass, and the drawers are dovetail; as far as convenience is concerned, there are rotating and fully pull-out baskets, making space for the base areas, pull-out columns with automatic opening, and the containers for waste separation and recycling, just to name a few. Golden Brown marble is the star of the Luxury kitchen, skilfully chosen and finished by expert hands. The front part of the sinks shows an area bush-hammered by hand, a workmanship that requires experience and marble-working skills. Close-up of the quality workmanship, such as that of the carving carried out by hand on the solid wood and the finished marble, giving it delicate contours.