Veneta Cucine Collection EXTRA AVANT

Extra Avant is an advanced kitchen that explore s new way s of m a t c h i n g today ’s trendy colors with natural materials and of combining Western formal culture and traditional Eastern appearance. I t does s o through the use of bamboo and of shades of b lack and red, in a gloss or matte finish. The glossy black coating of the bamboo surfaces gives futuristic elegance t o a composition featuring various, interesting element s , such as the “Pegaso” cupboard with a pantograph- like mechanism for sliding the door s open. An inside light turns on to reveal the metal basket s where plates , pots and pans are s tored, and a s lender, wooden d r awe r for cutlery and kitchen utensils .All are fully extractable. The composition is characterised by the work top and its edging, made of a particularly solid 2 cm thick chipboard, whose surface is guaranteed scratchp roof and stain- resistant .