Faustig Model 24200.6/50

Floor lamp L 50cm H 175 cm
This crystal floor lamp can be varied. Any other fixture of suitable type and dimensions may also be mounted.
Unless otherwise indicated, Faustig chandeliers are furnished with Swarovski crystal, also known under the brand-name of STRASS®. Its lead oxide content of over 30 %, sharp and precise cut, flawless polished finish and astonishing refractive brilliancy all combine to make it the best crystal available anywhere in the world. For more limited budgets, company recommend the secondary quality from Swarovski, Spectra®. This crystal is still very good. Faustig optical crystals and trimmings in 24% lead crystal are the very best in their class. Each individual STRASS® cut-crystal item (over 12 mm diameter) carries a special certificate that guarantees the quality of the ”original”: the laser engraved signature. This is indelibly etched into every STRASS® article.