IGuzzini Model IWay

The need for extremely well-designed fittings arises when light has the task of indicating passageways, pointing out obstacles, demarcating borders and creating scenery as well as safety.
External direct-light luminaire to be applied to the ground designed to use metal-halide lamps with symmetrical optic. The product is made up of lamp compartment and body. The squared body is made of extruded aluminium and subject to painting and chromate treatment. It houses three stainless-steel rods fixed to the base that make it highly shock-resistant. The product is anchored to the ground by means of a fixing base made of a corrosion-proof diecast aluminium alloy with low copper content. The polycarbonate diffuser screen is fixed to the component-holding box by a diecast-aluminium internal fixing ring. The sheet-aluminium lamp cover is designed to house accessories. The lid-hinging ring is made of diecast aluminium subject to painting and chromate treatment. The top of the fitting is closed by a diecast-aluminium external lid with bayonet-closing system and fixing bolt. The screw can be removed by a socket-head spanner (special spanner upon request). The superpure-aluminium reflector is fixed to the internal end cap by captive screws. The component-holding compartment is made of diecast aluminium. The temperature of all accessible parts never exceeds 75° C. All external screws are made of stainless steel A2.