IGuzzini Model RING

Direct light luminaire, designed to use 1000W short arc metal halide lamps, with 7° superspot optic. Die-cast aluminum body and glass-holder frame painted with aluminum grey metallic powder RAL 9007, with sandblasting and chromating, corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel cover closing clips, with safety fastener. Polyamide electric connection box, complete with ignitor and PG16 cable gland suitable for cables with 10-16mm diameter. The thick reflector withstands bad weather and is made of 99.98% superpure polished, anodised aluminum. The reflector also acts as a heat sink, helping to keep down the lamp temperature and so extending its lifetime. Ceramic lamp supports with stainless steel retaining spring. Nickel-plated copper internal cables with 1.5-4 mm2 cross-section and THT silicone coating. Painted steel bracket complete with protractor scales. Two-component silicone foam seal placed directly on the glass, protects against UV radiation. LCP automatic line circuit breaker. 5mm thick thermally tempered glass. Stainless steel retractable aiming device. Polyamide IP66 patented anti-vacuum device. External bolts and screws made of A2 stainless steel. The luminaire technical features conform to EN-60598-1 standards and particular requirements. Accessories available: fall-prevention net for glass, aluminum deflector, timed ignitor, 1000 and 2000W boxes with IP65 rating complete with ballast and capacitors, 1000 and 2000W kits and capacitors mounted on galvanised plate, for 1000 and 2000W power ratings