IGuzzini Model Woody LED

Spotlight designed for Neutral White (4200K) LED sources with Spot optic. Composed of optical assembly and component-holding base. The optical assembly, arm, base and frame are made of aluminum alloy and subjected to subjected to phosphochromatisation treatment, double primer, passivation at 120° C. Acrylic liquid paint finish with high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays; baking at 150°C. The cover glass is made of sodium-calcium tempered transparent colorless glass with 4 mm thickness and grey customized serifigraphy. It is fixed with captive screws. The silicone gasket is subjected to post-cooling treatment in oven at 200° C. The optical assembly allows for vertical and horizontal orientation, with mechanical locking device to ensure stable aiming; slots on the frame for downflow of rainwater. Spot optics with plastic lenses. Circuit complete with 12 monochromatic Neutral White (4200K) LEDs. Complete with terminal for through earthing cable and ready for through wiring by means of two PG11 black polyamide cable clamps suitable for Ø 6,5÷11mm cables. All external screws are made of stainless steel A2. Complete with lamp. The fitting can be installed in pavement, ground, wall and tree branches. Luminaire provided with built-in electronic control gear (100÷240Vac,50/60Hz, 350mA). Complete with lamp. Accessories available: refractor, wall washer screen, spike for ground installation, base for 90° corner installation, support for post mounting and belt for installation on trees. The Woody and Miniwoody series comprises products with two different sizes and two types of optics: Flood and Spot. These lights offer a range of accessories which enable an ideal installation in relation to location and final use.