Antonio Baston custom made projects


The furniture of Antonio Baston

For over 20 years the factory Baston works in the field of furniture manufacturing and moreover, for many years the company has been producing unique and elegance custom-made furniture. On manufacturing our products we focus on sustainability of materials and health care. All the furniture is made of wood, and all materials used for carving - is solid wood. Both the producing painting faze and in the interior the furniture is to be installed. ANTONIO BASTON Company has achieved this outcome as a result of many years of work aimed at caring for the environment and the health of the client.




Officina Luce

Оfficina Luce is a new brand of decorative lighting fixtures with contemporary cosmopolitan chic style. Officina Luce is a workshop of ideas involving a team with over thirty years of experience in fixtures production and artisanal lampshade craft. Born in the heart of Tuscany, Officina Luce commits its projects to local florentine artisans that skillfully mold and create with a deep know-how consolidated with experience and art crafts tradition, while being competitive thanks to new technologies integration. Style, shapes and materials all are representative of this characteristics and are aligned with the international cosmopolitan sophisticated mood.Thanks to heritage and know-How, Officina Luce offers a high level customization service for private customers and contractors both: Officina Luce shall support you designing your Bespoke Product.






Direct from the shores of Italy, the motivated designer Roberto Malerba introduces his designs that are decidedly stylish, clean, simple as well as charming to the furniture industry. While the collections may differ when it comes to style, they are always recognizable and unique to Roberto Malerbas'™s brand. The Italian brand Malerba has over the years forged a reputation as a leading contemporary furniture manufacturer. The stylistically compatible pieces provide a fully comprehensive and coordinated look for the dining room, lounge and bedroom.






Besana, a company of Mariano Comense founded in 1903, developed its industrial unit on a 20.000 square meters area, and renewed itself aware of the changes of the market needs. Nowadays like in the past, Besana follows its company philosophy: in the forefront as regards technology and tradition for high quality furniture, always using guaranteed materials and carefully according to law, with the utmost ecology respect. Besana proposals are various: from furniture accessories to wall bookcases, from tables to chairs, from beds to equipped wardrobes and children’s bedrooms.





Francesco Avenanti, a master carpenter, started out making furniture; we don’t know whether he learned this art from his father or from some other master, we only know that this was back in 1870. The workshop was lit with just a dim candle, and they mostly had to rely on daylight to see what they were doing. The shop produced furniture for everyday use, but also a few beautiful objects that went to furnish the houses of the local gentry, clerics, and sometimes even churches. The techniques being used were already sophisticated, and the attention to detail showed excellent training.



Cierre Imbottiti

Choosing a Cierre Imbottiti sofa is a sign of good taste. But creating such a product is something much more complex that cannot be identified as a business operation only. Creating a Cierre sofa involves even more the passion and strong feelings that we bring to our work. We design our future products with the firm belief that what we are creating is the result of a long-lasting and skilled experience in the Italian tradition of handcrafted upholstered furniture industry. The history of a company cannot be seen only as a background information.



Norki Decoration

Specialising in the design and production of decorative skins and furs, Norki combines aesthetic qualities with the functional characteristics of its products. Sensitive to market requirements, Norki anticipates upcoming styles and trends, experimenting and reinventing the material by creating new textures. Norki provides a proactive approach for avant-garde creations especially for professionals.


Zimmer + Rohde

Family-run for four generations, Zimmer + Rohde is one of the leading textile manufacturers in Europe. Since its foundation in 1899, tradition and experience have marked every step taken by our company, which stands for exclusive furnishing, innovative design and expert advice.
Our own design department is always on the lookout for the best materials and the ideal implementation of your ideas, constantly collaborating with weaving mills and printers all over the world.
With subsidiaries in New York, Paris, Milan, London, Dubai and Hong Kong, Zimmer + Rohde quality never fails to impress worldwide.

Fede The art of Illumination

At FEDE, we are proud of working for the most demanding customers who appreciate quality and who place the emphasis on their own unique style of interior design. We understand that style is a personal choice for our home or interior design project; because the difference is always in the small details, particularly in the electrical mechanisms. FEDE attends several international fairs and events, in Barcelona, Dubai, Frankfurt, Milan, Moscow and Paris, among other cities.



KT Exclusive

KT-Exclusive - your ultimate source for creative and stylish wall covering, murals, wall art and noble fabrics. For over 15 years now, we have been delivering top quality wall and interior decoration to interior designers, architects, decorators. Eclecticism and elegance, our multifaceted range of fabrics and wall coverings offers discerning customers a brilliant spectrum of products that meets the most demanding of tastes. Our designers are constantly developing a new creative direction in the world of décor. We are always happy to offer our customers the newest mural and wallpaper designs. Our extensive selection, featuring more than four-thousand wall covering patterns on unique quality substrates includes non-woven, vinyl, textile, photo wallpapers of inspirational design and delicious colors and embodies quality, style and impeccable taste.




Arlin is a Company founded in 1968. Since they started, they've been working into textile wallcovering field producing wallcoverings for interiors. At first, by exclusive collections of printed textiles made by 100% linen. Afterwards, they focused our production on "strings" wallcoverings, plains & prints by using natural & artificial yarns. From that time, company grew step by step enlarging their textile production successfully. They`ve been one of the first companies that produced textile Jacquards for wall covering application and as a result our Jacquard Collections gained appreciation for type of designs and color shades. Nowadays , company is in the worldwide market with more than 15 current Jacquard Textile Collections through which any needs or requirements of interior designers may be satisfied for chromatic solutions of the walls. Feature of their textile Jacquards is the design' stroke clear & definite - in several width of motifs - which by using different interlacing and fibers from different nature (i.e. silk - viscose - shining polyester etc.) create play of light, colors and iridescent tones.




Компания Capo d’Opera является производителем ультрасовременной мебели с 1989 года. Благодаря оригинальному вкусу искусные мастера создают модели, которые не только уникальны, но и очень удобны. Продукция создается из камня, дерева, металла, позолоты и серебра и, безусловно, находит своего потребителя во всем мире.Можно с уверенностью сказать, что модели компании Capo d’Opera могут заинтересовать разных людей с разными вкусами и предпочтениями.Современный шик сочетается с удобством и изяществом.С итальянского Capo d’Opera переводится как «произведение».



Euroluce. Обои от Omexco

Компания Omexco была создана в 1976 году. Сегодня она известна как законодатель моды в области производства высококачественных настенных покрытий во всем мире.Дизайнеры Omexco находятся в постоянном творческом поиске новых и оригинальных тем и фактур, поэтому каждая коллекция текстильных покрытий для стен традиционно вызывает к себе большой интерес.Каждые полгода Omexco выпускает новую коллекцию обоев, идеи и мотивы которых берут на вооружение лучшие европейские дизайнеры интерьеров. Дизайнерская мысль «путешествует» по различным странам и культурам в поисках идеи для создания той или иной коллекции. Отсюда и разнообразие стилей и направлений  от минимализма и хай-тека до классики.



Акценты в пространстве. Новый офис Euroluce

На перекрестке улиц Налбандяна и Туманяна уже года два можно видеть необычное для Еревана цветное вкрапление. Это небольшая, но рельефно и неординарно решенная пристройка, в которой сегодня расположен офис компании Euroluce. Автором проекта является Гарегин Егоян, сооснователь, директор и главный архитектор архитектурной мастерской «АРХ». Несмотря на скромные размеры, строение представляет архитектурный и дизайнерский интерес. Вот что рассказал нам автор проекта. Гарегин Егоян: