Antonio Baston custom made projects

Cierre Imbottiti

Choosing a Cierre Imbottiti sofa is a sign of good taste. But creating such a product is something much more complex that cannot be identified as a business operation only. Creating a Cierre sofa involves even more the passion and strong feelings that we bring to our work. We design our future products with the firm belief that what we are creating is the result of a long-lasting and skilled experience in the Italian tradition of handcrafted upholstered furniture industry. The history of a company cannot be seen only as a background information. It is also a guarantee of experience and professionalism we trust in and inspire by in order to create an innovative design. Following our long history, we know that the real elegance is achieved when developing this idea in the most simple way. The result is a product with a timeless aesthetic value deriving from almost 40 years experience and constant work, during which men and women working for Cierre have being sharing the same plans and aims. Thanks to the craftsmen and business men that worked for our company in the past, from whom we learned skilled working methods as well as the pleasure of imaging new future “shapes”, today we are able to offer high quality upholstered furniture to our customers.