Since its bird in 1930 simple artisans, in a small workshop and more often in the courtyards, carded wool and produced mattresses and straw mattresses with the diligence and the love of those who believe in what he does and under the supervision of their own careful and suspicious customer. They took part in festivals exposing their products and using an old car called “Balilla” to deliver mattresses to customers who had honoured their commitment. Many years have passed since those days and many things have changed: festivals have become international fairs, courtyards and small workshops have become two important plans, the old car “Balilla” was replaced by more appropriate means of transport in order to reach our customers all over the world! LTRENOTTI production philosophy has always been focused on the customers, on his needs, his habits and his purchasing power. All these needs are analysed and studied by our Research and Development centre, which is alert and well timed in designing and realising new materials and new design. It is therefore a natural consequence for the company to offer a range of products carefully designed and made to very high standards of excellence and quality using advanced technology and finest materials always based on our mission: satisfy sleep and rest of our customers.