Arlin is a Company founded in 1968. Since we started, we've been working into textile wallcovering field producing wallcoverings for interiors. At first, by exclusive collections of printed textiles made by 100% linen. Afterwards, we focused our production on "strings" wallcoverings, plains & prints by using natural & artificial yarns. From that time, we grew step by step enlarging our textile production successfully. We've been one of the first companies that produced textile Jacquards for wall covering application and as a result our Jacquard Collections gained appreciation for type of designs and color shades. Nowadays, we're in the worldwide market with more than 15 current Jacquard Textile Collections through which any needs or requirements of interior designers may be satisfied for chromatic solutions of the walls. Feature of our textile Jacquards is the design' stroke clear & definite - in several width of motifs - which by using different interlacing and fibers from different nature (i.e. silk - viscose - shining polyester etc.) create play of light, colors and iridescent tones. The wide range of references proposed are able to satisfy any require that goes from traditional elegance to sophisticated modern taste. Our range of Jacquards supplemented by our "strings" products displayed into our collections by a different yarns structures, colors, designs and effects represents a part of our story.