Established in 1972 and still family-owned business, Elledue is a leading company in the luxury contemporary-classic furniture market. Our worldwide success is based on our ability to offer great quality, innovative design and highly detailed furniture collections that can be customized to suit each customer’s specific needs. We are passionate about uniqueness and for our products we always choose the newest and most refined materials, fabrics and finishes. What sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to keep manufacturing in Italy, especially in the Brianza district. Our furniture collections – developed internally or designed by international architects – have peculiar moods and inspirations and our diverse range can satisfy quite different tastes. We love to define our style as Avant-Garde Classic since our approach rethinks classic furniture in a fresh, bold and modern way. This is something we achieve with the help of artisanal craftsmanship on one side and the use of modern technologies on the other.