''FERRERO LEGNO’’ is an Italian company specialized in doors production and each design is open to inspirations, influences and trends, also open to creativity, suggestions, styles, allusions and the profound tangibility of lightness. There’s something else that’s in the very nature of design, as well as in the nature of doors: matching. The matching of genres, profiles, glass panes, laminates, lacquers, and wood finishes, creating an environment that matches your tastes like a tailor-made suit. Even when that suit is a house. The company is continually looking for cutting-edge processing methods. The daily work performed by machines and technology is fundamental, but it is always subordinate to the role of people. Skilled and qualified experts make available, every day, their experience, dedication, and that little extra something called passion. Investing in people, on their professional growth and on advanced processing methods is the profile of the company.