Our story springs to life on the edge of the Black Forest. This was an area of poor farmers barely scratching out a living, generation after generation. To tackle this, the aristocratic ruler of the region, Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden, diversified. He established a smelting plant in Rotenfels and a hammer mill and nail forge in Gaggenau in 1683. The creation of the appliance begins with the grounded concept of function. The design must perform exceptionally and unfailingly. The designer’s vision facilitates this function, yet inspires so much more. It can challenge engineering, it can innovate, but only in order to genuinely benefit the design conscious private chef. This is functional objet d’art. Working with professional chefs, we note what delights and frustrates them. Their equipment needs to be intuitive and enabling, focussed and robust: the chef needs to devote themselves to the dish, not the oven. And while appearance is not so vital in the workplace, it matters in the home.