Fiandre, a leading company in the production of high range full-body porcelain tile, has a presence in over 100 countries throughout the world with a wide choice of solutions for floors and coverings which range from the contract to the wellness and residential industry, and from the medical to the leisure industry, responding to all building and living requirements. Its commitment originated from 50 years’ history, during which quality, skill and innovation went hand in hand, bringing the company into a predominant market position. Fiandre is making its entry into the future, in its "second" 50 years of history, following the natural evolution of this path with the launch of a new generation ceramic, both with the revolution represented by the eco-active materials Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™, which enrich Fiandre slabs with bactericidal and anti-pollution characteristics, and with the creation of the Maximum collection, which focuses on a new extraordinary format, the largest ever made. With a generous surface area of 4.5 m2, each 300x150 cm slab is evidence of the evolution of a material that can now respond to the requirements of a design world that is constantly developing. An exceptional step forwards for a global company, with a presence throughout the world and that fully satisfies the requirements of its varied clientele. A versatile company that guarantees a significant presence in the USA, central Europe and worldwide thanks to select, highly specialist retailers: this is Fiandre Architectural Surfaces.