Mridian Audio

Since 1977, Meridian Audio has been crafting innovative, elegant, high performance audio solutions. From its compact DSP loudspeakers with integrated amplification, to its user-friendly music management platform Sooloos, Meridian delivers easy to install, high resolution audio systems for home cinemas and whole home solutions. The Meridian Audio experience is now also available in the latest models from Jaguar Land Rover, thanks to a collaborative partnership between these two leaders of British innovation and engineering. Meridian has always challenged convention. For more than forty years, we have pushed boundaries, disrupted norms and delivered products that have shaped our industry and redefined how people experience sound. The mastery of how, why and where we hear sound may seem fundamental, but we never take this knowledge for granted. It is the reason why we are able to transport you back to that concert on a lazy Sunday morning. Feel every beat, every breath on your journey to work. Compel you to get up from the table and dance.