Olivari works side by side not only with Gio Ponti, who designs a classic handle like Lama, but with architects of the stature of Franco Albini, Ignazio Gardella, Angelo Mangiarotti, Caccia Dominioni, and BBPR as well. These designers create superbly handsome custom handles for their buildings. Then the designs stay in the Olivari catalogue; some of them are still being manufactured. Over the course of the last two years, Olivari has started two new lines of research. On the cultural and historical side, there is the collection Guilloché, featuring special surface decorations that embellish the handles. On the technological side, there is the series of new Super finishes, which offers designers and discerning customers ulterior expressive possibilities. Olivari products are not just Made in Italy, they are Made in Borgomanero, Made in Olivari.