A long time has gone by since we first started thinking about bringing the tradition of the old Tuscany kitchens back to the light again. The idea of building timeless cooking machinery, the rediscovery of beauty within tradition. Thus our quest began: between ancient projects and the study of fascinating Florentine villa kitchens, as well as of the tastes and lifestyles of their illustrious inhabitants, we soon discovered that that project would have become our exciting task. Even today, we create our kitchens in the territory near Florence, in the heart of the Tuscany countryside: the Chianti area. Even today, in the workshops of the factory, the hands of skilled artisans give life to our collection of cooking machinery; highly professional tools built using the best materials: solid brass castings, burnished copper, cast iron, steel. This is the reason why each creation is a unique and exclusive piece of furniture, created to meet the demands every single customer. In carrying out what we do, few rules were involved and only one objective. Each kitchen created must comply with a simple, meticulous and essential standard: excellence. Perhaps this is the reason why owners of Restart products are proud of their own kitchens. And perhaps this is why we are proud of our customers; because we have the same passion in common: the passion in doing things well.