Ulivi Salotti, today a leading manufacturer of sofas and armchairs, was founded in 1972 in the heart of Tuscany which has always been recognized around the world as the cradle of art and culture, a way of life unique and inimitable. The expansion of the company has left unchanged the artisan spirit that characterized its origins and which is based on attention to detail, experience in the selection of fine materials such as vegetable tanned leather, solid wood, goat skin, galuchat and many others, as well as the ability to customize colors and finishes. Our products, emblem of our style, are recognizable within a worldwide market which is often without identity. Our design has grown with the company and constitutes a concrete example of the today current combination of skilled craftsmanship and innovation offered by new technologies and research. Our proposals of furniture are characterized by high end, refined and elegant products, naturally predisposed to retain their unaltered charm of time and to give the emotions of the unique style of the “Made in Italy”.